ZOPU Version Update 10/22/17

ZOPU Alpha build is now released. You can find the link in the Download section, or click here to download.

Patch Notes:

Character Customization:

  • Added in a female option to the character customization menu, no female voices yet, and only 1-ish chest options presently. Note: Hair is only setup for Normal and Super Saiyan forms, SS2, SS3, SS God, and SS Blue still need proper meshes, and the hair is not yet animated


  • Added in crater decals from charging Powerlevel up, Transforming, and Ki Blasts.
  • Added in extreme crater decals for larger Ki blasts to add a sense of impending apocalypse from the larger attacks striking the planet.


  • Added in an early version of the Ultra Instinct form, aura, materials, and textures not done yet.


  • Added Otherworld, if you want to visit, you’ll have to die first…. You can return from Otherworld with Fortune Teller Baba’s help, but she can’t bring you back to life, and you don’t have any friends who can wish you back with the Dragonballs, so once you die, you’re dead. Sorry buddy…

ZOPU Version Update 5/15/17

ZOPU 0.0.5 Alpha build is now released. You can find the link in the Download section, or click here to download.

Patch Notes:


  • Kaioken movement speed boost now reduced to a flat multiplier of 2-times movement speed
  • Kaioken no longer incorrectly roots player movement at higher tiers
  • Kaioken now deals damage to the player slowly while active
  • Healing from charging Ki now capped to 50% of maximum health in preparation for obtaining healing items (Such as Senzu Beans) to be added in future update (Eventually)


  • Finished updating animation system, all models should now always follow the base mesh’s pose regardless of animation, and all melee attacks (Left and Right Mouse) should play correctly


  • Removed “Empty” Belt option


  • Adjusted UI to update bar based on current maximum powerlevel instead of the actual max powerlevel
  • Updated Post processing volume settings slightly, volume now applies a custom cel-band to the world in addition to characters, while only applying outline to characters (Custom cel-band is currently just a smooth gradient texture)

Known Issues:

  • Kaioken never (Ever) deactivates, looking into causes
  • Transforming occasionally locks into an infinite loop of the rooted animation. De-transforming and re-transforming sometimes corrects this
  • De-transforming from Ascended/Ultra Super Saiyan to regular Super Saiyan doesn’t correctly change morph target values for the hair mesh. Transforming and de-transforming multiple times sometimes corrects this

ZOPU Version Update 4/25/17

ZOPU 0.0.3 Alpha build is now released. You can find the link in the Download section, or click here to download.

Patch Notes:


  • Added Vegeta’s Android/Cell Saga Armor
  • Added Shirtless version of Vegeta’s Andorid/Cell Saga Chest Armor


  • Adjusted Transformation requirements slightly
  • Fixed Transformations to correctly play animations when transforming for the first time
  • Added Super Saiyan Grade 2 (AKA Ultra Super Saiyan, or the Ascended Super Saiyan form)

Known Issues:

  • Left button Melee attacks no longer play animations correctly, in the process of reworking how all animations are called on the character, and the system is currently incomplete. Right button melee still functions as before.

ZOPU Version Update 4/8/17

ZOPU initial 0.0.1 Alpha build released. You can find the link in the Download section, or click here to download.

Basic controls:

  • Basic movement: [W], [A], [S], [D]
  • Fly Up: [Space Bar]
  • Boost: [Left Shift] (Increases Powerlevel charge speed, and movement speed)
  • Raise Powerlevel: [E]
  • Lower Powerlevel: [Q]
  • Toggle Flight: [F]
  • Zanzoken(Short range Teleport): [G] + Any movement key direction to move as normal  at a short burst of speed
  • Toggle Lock-On: [V]
  • Switch Lock-On Target: [V] + Mouse movement in any direction while locked onto a target
  • Select Attacks: [1], [2], [3], and [4] keys (Not Numpad)
  • Standard Melee: Left Mouse Button [LMB]
  • Power Melee: Right Mouse Button [RMB] (Costs Powerlevel (PL) to use)
  • Ki Attacks: Hold [E] + [LMB] to charge, when charged enough, release [LMB] to fire
  • Kaioken: [E] + [RMB] (Last 3 seconds, boosts charging speed when boosted, and movement speed.)
  • Transform: [R] (If Base PL is high enough to unlock, and current powerlevel exceeds requirement minimum)

The requirements for each Transformation to be unlocked are as follows:

  • Super Saiyan unlocks at PL of 186,000
  • Super Saiyan 2 unlocks at 372,000
  • Super Saiyan 3 unlocks at 744,000
  • Super Saiyan God unlocks at 930,000
  • Super Saiyan Blue unlocks at 1,116,000

Things to note:

Base PL and actual PL are two different figures. The displayed PL is what the player is at currently at any given time, where as Base PL is what their non-multiplied PL is. So while you may be able to be well above 1,116,000 in Super Saiyan form, unless your base non-multiplied PL is higher than the above listed requirements, you will still be unable to reach those higher levels. Only your Base PL applies towards these requirements. The multiplies for each transformation are as follows:

  • Super Saiyan: Base PL x 50
  • Super Saiayn 2: Base PL x 100
  • Super Saiyan 3: Base PL x 400
  • Super Saiyan God: Base PL x 600
  • Super Saiyan Blue: Base PL x 800

Also note, the highest Base Powerlevel is capped at 2,500,000, as anything higher breaks the PL system by exceeding Max Integer values when applying Super Saiyan Multipliers.