ZOPU Version Update 4/16/2017

ZOPU 0.0.2 Alpha build is now released. You can find the link in the Download section, or click here to download.

Patch Notes:


  • Added Checkbox to Options Menu for enabling or disabling inverted vertical look direction
  • Updated Character Creation Starting Powerlevel to automatically clamp displayed values to a 100 to 2,500,000 range, higher or lower will instead return a result of either the min or max values
  • Updated Character Creation Starting Powerlevel to save its set value, so it will now remember what you previously set it as


  • Added value check for inverting vertical look direction based on the new option in the options menu
  • Clamped Look Pitch back to default, looking up or down will no longer exceed +90 or -90 degrees
  • When moving and toggling Flight Off, movement velocity is slowed by half (Horizontally) and down to 1/4th vertically

ZOPU Alpha Build Coming Soon!

With the coming release of an early Alpha Build of ZOPU, I thought I would take a moment to setup a dedicated homepage for the project, which will be used going forward for all future updates to the project, so you will be able to simply check here for updates instead of digging through the old, somewhat cluttered, thread from the ZEQ2-Lite Forums (Found here). Updates will be put together in a more traditional change-log style going forward, and a general Known Issues/Bugs and To-Do list will be getting assembled as well.

As for the download itself, initially it’s only going to be a compiled single player only build of ZOPU (Multiplayer will be in a future update), and is going to be released later this week for general testing by the public. If you download the project, I encourage you to leave any feedback you have on performance, bugs, mechanics issues, Quality of Life improvement suggestions, exc.

Important Note: ZOPU is not a finished game, it’s still a very early work in progress of the project. Do not go in expecting there to be tons of things to do, and for everything to work correctly, cause more likely than not it won’t. Half the combat systems are incomplete, and the other half only work half the time correctly, so be warned before going in that the game will not function entirely without flaws.