ZOPU Version Update 4/10/18

ZOPU Alpha build is now released. You can find the link in the Download section, or click here to download.

Patch Notes:


  • Super Saiyan’s first time transformation sequence will no longer Instant Transmission to underneath the map to look for muffins when finished playing the transformation sequence, I have explained to Goku that there is no Muffin Button down there…


  • Adjusted Stamina to no longer drain while transforming so you don’t finish transforming only to not have any stamina left to use in the form itself… Oops…

ZOPU Version Update 4/7/18

ZOPU 0.0.8 Alpha build is now released. You can find the link in the Download section, or click here to download.

Patch Notes:


  • Added Ultra Instinct
    • Ultra Instinct can be accessed by having near max training experience (2,500,000 is max), have your powerlevel to over 90% of max, having transformed to Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Super Saiyan Blue) at least once, and health to be at 10% remaining or less. Once unlocked and activated for the first time the health requirement is removed and Ultra Instinct can be activated as any other form by having a powerlevel over that of the transformation marker (90% of max total powerlevel)
    • Ultra Instinct auto deactivates and reverts to base form when Stamina reaches 10% remaining or less


  • Added Stamina
    • Boosting in base form and some transformations now costs Stamina to use, and different forms will recover Stamina at different rates
    • Player’s max Powerlevel now scales based on how much stamina has been used instead of health, the lower the Stamina, the lower the maximum Powerlevel
    • Attacks now scale according to current Powerlevel and current Tier/Transformation, numbers still require adjustments
    • Health adjusted to scale maximum based on training experience gained so higher levels will have more health
    • Fixed Ultra Instinct tier to correctly apply multiplier to base stats


  • Adjusted Aura effects slightly
  • Added God Ki auras with new sprites and material effects to more closely match the anime for Super Saiyan God, Blue, and Ultra Instinct forms


  • Added Quality of Life features to the UI for displaying health and powerlevels based on percentages or totals, as well as disabling these numbers entirely
  • Added button to main menu for displaying the Controls screen previously only found in the loading screen so now users can take their time to look at all the controls on demand

Character Customization:

  • Removed Female Options and disabled the buttons for it in the Character Customization menu pending further updates and fixes to meshes, skinning, and materials, these will return in a future update soon™