ZOPU Version Update 8/7/17

ZOPU 0.0.6 Alpha build is now released. You can find the link in the Download section, or click here to download.

Patch Notes:


  • Kaioken can now be toggled on and off, instead of its previous 3 second timer. Toggles off automatically when the player’s health gets at or below 10
  • Character now correctly faces forward and roots in place when firing attacks instead of rotating with camera view


  • Fixed animation bug that sometimes resulted in the player being rooted in place and stuck in the transformation animation


  • Adjusted Aura particle system to match character mesh animations instead of simply being a “bubble”
  • Added additional aura particle layers to flesh out the look and feel of the auras to better match the anime visuals
  • Adjusted aura colors slightly
  • Kaioken updated to have its own separate aura that renders behind the character’s normal aura, now accurately imitates Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken
  • Base form aura now changes its colors to blend into Kaioken when active, other forms remain their original colors


  • Adjusted water materials slightly, they now partially reflect the scenery, water shader is still incomplete


  • Adjusted UI for character creation screen, options and text are now displayed inside a box to be better visible against the background

New Known Issues:

  • Transforming occasionally locks into an infinite loop of the rooted animation. De-transforming and re-transforming sometimes corrects this (Partially fixed, but still happens sometimes)
  • De-transforming from Ascended/Ultra Super Saiyan to regular Super Saiyan doesn’t correctly change morph target values for the hair mesh. Transforming and de-transforming multiple times sometimes corrects this (Partially fixed, still happens sometimes)
  • Transformation markers do not update dynamically based on health or experience gains
  • Majin Buu Cardboard cutout has been sighted above East City… Try to ignore it…
  • Text incorrectly displayed for travel dialogue when traveling to Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  • Kame House is currently flooded by incorrectly elevated ocean levels… Damn global warming…

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