What is ZOPU?

ZOPU is a fan made Dragonball Z/Super based project focusing on recreating the look and feel of the Dragonball world as accurately as possible. It also serves as a test platform for testing new gameplay mechanics and game development ideas that I may later use in other projects, or otherwise just use to learn the intricacies of the Unreal Engine platform as a whole.


Why is it called “ZOPU” what does it mean?

Similar to ZEQ, ZEQ2, and ZEQ2-Lite, ZOPU has no meaning. It’s an empty jumble of letters that could be interpreted numerous ways, but is largely just a “codename” for the project.


Who’s on the dev team? Are you recruiting?

Just me (Shenku, A.K.A. Darkem) at the moment, so this is all a solo project right now. And while I’m not actively looking to recruit for the project, I am always open to suggestions and feedback from others either through comments on YouTube, on this site, or via Discord (Which I’m only seldom on). I am also open to the idea of others assisting with the project on a limited basis, but much of that will wait until a later date at which time a public version of the Project Files will be made available via some form of SVN style source controlled type project setup.


Will ZOPU be made for Android/iOS/exc.?

There are no plans to port ZOPU to any other platform, now or in the future.


ZOPU only works on 64bit computers, will there be a 32bit version?

No. Due to a variety of factors, the decision has already been made to focus exclusively on making a 64bit version only, and there are no plans on that changing at present.


This is ZEQ2/ZEQ2-Lite! Why are you stealing?

This is NOT ZEQ2 or ZEQ2-Lite, this is ZOPU. And it’s not stealing, it’s reusing open source assets as they were intended to be used, i.e. for any kind of Dragonball fan project. So while this does include many assets from ZEQ2-Lite’s SVN, it is all assembled in an entirely separate engine (ZEQ2-Lite uses IO Quake 3, ZOPU uses Unreal Engine 4), and as such ZOPU is a separate project with similar yet distinctly separate goals from ZEQ2 or ZEQ2-Lite. I’m also working on the project by myself, and have been using the existing assets as a time saver for the purposes of building up the project more quickly without spending as much time on the art assets.


How do I transform?

Make sure you have a high enough Training Exp level first, then raise your Powerlevel using the “E” key to be above the Transformation Marker on your powerlevel bar.


Will there be Multiplayer?



I want to play as <Insert Dragonball Character>, how/when can I play as them?

Additional characters are not currently implemented since the focus of development at present is on basic gameplay mechanics. Once those are finished, additional characters may be added eventually.


How do I go to Namek/Hyperbolic Time Chamber/Otherworld?

You can get to Namek by flying over to West City and visiting the Space Capsule Ship at Capsule Corp. Likewise, you can use the Capsule Ship to return from Namek. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber can be entered by going to Kami’s Lookout and going inside, and exited by using the door inside the Time Chamber. To visit Otherworld, you gotta die… No really, you can only get there by dying, and once you’re dead, you’re dead. Fortune Teller Baba can take you back to Earth, but since you have no friends to gather the Dragonballs, once you’re dead, you stay dead until you quit the game and start over…


Goku is standing next to Chi-Chi at their home, but he’s also at Capsule Corp. fighting Vegeta… What gives?

Instant Transmission.


Who’s the person standing next to Chi-Chi that’s dressed like her?

Time Patroller…?